How does it come into fruition
Half Truths
Soul admissions
The need to be heard
or the want for another to just listen
Why is it what sounds great in your head
Always seems better left unsaid
Yearning for a listening crowd
Yet there’s a tremble in your voice when you speak out loud
Leaving an unpleasant taste in your mouth
So bitter and foul you throw in the towel
I chose not to be heard today
Half truths
Souls admissions go away
Catch me when I’ve the courage not to be
led astray
When I am confident that I can speak with pride
There isn’t any room for any yays or nays
I will not let go of the things I hold dear
My heart
My start
My beginnings of things
I’m taking a stance
My thoughts are my own
Not to be governed
I place them in their home
under lock and key
Carrying them safely within me
Waiting until I figure out
How to verbalize the things I need
Making mental notes not to give nor throw them at you
and that when I give it is not at lightening speed
I’ll take questions later
to avoid everything sloppily spilling out
And have you uncertain of what my spill is about
It’s not yours
but my souls admissions
So let me get this out

Angel Sims